26 September 2012

New blogging experience starts now ;)

Assalamualaikum and hi.

I'm Nurul Izzah binti Razaman, a first year student from Faculty of Economics and Management. I have been assigned to post any entries related to sports, so yeah...

I have no interest in sports, so far.. and no favourite one.. Nothing. But I accept this as a challenge for me to learn something new.

Let's see how I do this. Rejoice Izzah! :)

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  1. izzah,,tahniah kerana sudah memulakan blog..bolehlah terus menulis bagi mencukupkan post2 yang diminta en.azzwan...dan kalau boleh ada penambahan gadget untuk follower lg bagus..
    jangan lupa juga untuk follow blog en.azzwan yer..


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