24 October 2012

Googled pictures I found all over the web. [Mode: Stupidly HILARIOUS]

Hi. Since I have no idea (yet) of what to talk on sports, so I did some research on something stupid. So yeah..

The results that came out nearly cost me my life for I cried my lungs out bahahah! Are you ready?

And what's with his hand? Hahaha


Suddenly I remember this incident that happened to me -.-

Oo yeah!!

Yeah that's what Google does for you when you're feeling down, just type in funny and stupid keywords, voila! Eat the results all up, haha.

That's all for now, bye! :)


  1. Ha...ha.... tak pasal-pasal dapat tengok free...

  2. haha..kelakar la yg ni..geli tgk yg wrestler tu xD

  3. @Nur Amalina Maisarah:

    Hahah, I know riggghtt? Gelak pecah perut lah xD xD

  4. ehh, knapa kepala org tu msuk dlm sluar sorang lagi, erkk...

  5. @caliph shuriken:

    Excited sangat bergusti xD


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