09 November 2012

Taylor Swift's new album: RED (2012)

Hi, so yeah the title says it all.

Just finished downloading her new album - deluxe edition (illegally from the site of who the hell cares I don't remember), and oh I like her. It was released on October 22, phewh, in my storage I had like all her albums (and of course, downloaded illegally), there are all six, you name it.

But I'm neutral, not a big fan, and definitely not an anti.

The album cover and her red lips 

Now playing and still listening, already halfway through the playlist. So far it is a hm hmm okay just nice, mostly are slow-paced songs but I'll recommend you Come Back Be Here.

That's all from me now, bye! :)


  1. Lagi suka dengar lagu "we are never ever coming back together" daripada Red. Sebab lagu red slow and steady.

  2. It is on top of my list jugak, sebab rancak and sing-a-long-able :)


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