15 December 2012

Cats hysteria!

Hi guys, here's quite a short update.

I'm currently working on a presentation about cats but I'm still in process for finding articles articles articles lol you can see how important it is that I typed it in four times but instead of finishing my work now I am here typing for another absurd blog post gahahaha keep reading!

I fell more in love with cats as I googled them up oh there are loads and loads of sites (!) providing full information on cats, their breeds, how to choose the right one, how to take a good care of them and the list goes on bla bla bla

I used to love cute fluffy whitey cats like Siberian cats or Munchkin breed cuz as I mention very just now now, they are so cute! Cute cute cute cute! Omaigad I repeated words again

But nao I guess the whole perspective is different! Changing! Now I want cats for fun, for total affection, for clever smart response, for friends! So here it is, Savannah cat! Yay! I want to pet a Savannah cat! I want! It is one of the unusual breed of cats exists! I want!

Lol so many exclamation marks already now come play video and drool with me *not drooling for eating, drooling for wanna cuddle with one, aigoo!

Savannah cats are almost similar to dogs, the have bodily figure (does that makes sense?) except the fact that they have this leopard-like prints on the fur quite impressive and first thing I though of is "they are tigers", but noo they are cats ahahaha !!! so cute yet so agggrrrrrr!

Hysterical screaming overjoy for just looking at the paw

Auww he's flirting!
 *slap my own face* 

 How can you not fall in love with them??!!

One day I am so gonna have one agrrrrrrrrr

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