22 December 2012

I'm slightly a pedonoona, maybe

Hi. Do you ever know what pedonoona means to you? Not only you but to all kdrama craze people, what is pedonoona? Pedonoona is when you fall in love (literally) with the male actor who is younger than you, they (kdramas) got a lot younger male actors lately God I'm aging T___T, and I'm a pedonoona (repeated pedonoona like gazillion of times already) pedonoonaaa T___________T

It's Yeo Jin Goo (gasps), Yeo Jin Goo (heart beats fast), Yeo Jin Goo (kay you can stop now fan-atic)

I first saw him in the latest Missing You drama (yes I've been always anticipating it every week and in the first few episodes I cried like a complete idiot)

His smiles, simply said, is so gorgeous. Looking at him somehow reminds me of Lee Min Ki, my favourite actor on earth (after Yoochun) yes you can scream now AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wha-, are you not screaming along? Kay never mind I don't mind liking LMK alone gahahahahahaha XD

NOW let's get back to YJG. I came across a video on Youtube and overly fangirling over this couple (YJG + Kim So Hyun), I fell in love cuz they're so cute and I don't like him with Kim Yoojung HA HA HA HA

The background song is really good.


  • Yeo Jin Goo + Kim Yoo Jung couple is from The Moon That Embraces The Sun
  • Pedonoona is like, pedo-noona = pedophile, pedo-phile. Got that now? I'm done. Are you done? I'm a pedonoona. Are you a pedonoona? *pandang Ain. Hahahaha


  1. hahaha yes im a pedonoona . we're pedonoonas :p * sambil jeling adik permata pintar . hahaha - your roomy

  2. Entry pasal Korea pulak :D
    Sye tk berapa kenai sgt retis-2 Korea.
    Running Man member kenai lah. EHEHE :-D


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