09 December 2012

My mom & I & my uncle at Kota Kinabalu Sabah when I was 3

Lol so the title so panjang. Tetiba ter-bold *pardon me XD

[too many LOLs alert] 

Strolling down the memory lane.. which I can't even remember when, but still it is too sweet to handle ahh~ *tutu dancing*

The sweetness is in the air now I can feel it melting in my mouth lol so what I'm playing OST from Fruits Basket god I'm feeling kinda depressed too with the sad soft voice of the singer .-.

Earlier today my mom got back from shop with something I'd never imagined to even exist. My childhood pictures. Oh seriously I'm not kidding look my two fingers intertwined! X

K forget it. I have too and very and very very and very very very little pictures and photos from my younger days. I don't even have a single photo from my infant years so I was damn excited lol what else, I was about to scan all the pictures and post them up here but I forgot to bring them to college (yeah I'm in college right now gaaa!) T___T

Looking through those pictures, I can't believe neither I imagined that I can be so camera-friendly though with a very little amount of photogenic DNA in me siap boleh ambik gambar angkat kaki sebelah buat peace comel gila lolololol so what is it wrong for praising my ownself, I was a child that time now tell me which child doesn't look cute? HAHAHA slap me if I'm wrong (but get ready to be slapped twice in return! HAHAHA *another round of laughter*) FYI, I re-read this post and realised oh God what is wrong with me .___. K sambung:

Oh cute~~ My nenek's granddaughter is so cute (and background people continue: ..cute during childhood only~) ~ ahaha~~

Dapat gambar kanak-kanak pun boleh jadi gila. Anyway, tomorrow's a big day. Because big starts with a B and blues also starts with B and thank god powerpoint and access presentation don't start with that bloody haunted alphabet, eh, hi B we meet again.

If you can even understand lah cause I don't even make sense lah muahahah bye! 


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