16 January 2013

Are you literally serious?

Status: Currently infected by Yoon Shi Yoon's puppy eyes virus, not literally.

 The next picture doesn't fit but..

I fell for the eyes, literally. LOL.

14 January 2013

Me Too, Flower!

 Me Too, Flower! | episode 2.

09 January 2013

The Art of Tweetjacking

Tajuk macam power.

Tweetjacking is like you intrude someone else's twitter account and tweet something that will put him/her in ultimate shame. And the victim(s) will soon tweet another that may sounds like, "God I've been hacked!" which is double shame on 'em because they don't even know what HACK means!

When I capitalized HACK doesn't mean I wanna refer that to 'that' Malay movie k.

Sila cuba untuk differentiate apa maksud hack dengan hijacking, jangan buat malu diri. There's some people (the tweetjackers I mean) will typically write boring things like,

Hai saya cute

Hai saya cantik

Hai saya handsome

hey you know what? Maybe you're just plain dead boring and lame.

What the fish! Kau dah berjaya hijack akaun member tapi kau post up useless and meaningless things macam tu, don't you have enough devil side in you? Takyah nak menghanjing.

Why don't you write something like this (if there's any chance you tweetjack someone)

Kentut aku kuat kalah bom atom.

How's that? Be fun, man. Tweetjacking means to humiliate the victim(s) and to get funny replies or mention afterwords. Retweet is even worth it! lalu tersebar lah ke serata dunia and you can start your bloody evil laugh kih kih kih koh koh kroh kroh whatever

Ini tak, tweetjack tapi 'saya comel, saya lawa, saya kiut,' what tha-

And what do you expect? *krik krik krik* no one cares LOL.

*sorry for ranting. can't help myself. Stop misusing the term and start googling, NOW.