09 February 2013

Even cat knows love.

Petang tadi keluar rumah hirup udara segar di beranda. Bergurau senda dengan nenek. Then suddenly I saw the mother cat. Nenek named her Telon, because in Jawa it means cat with three colors.

I didn't know Telon has kittens, I did suspect that but she looks just as skinny as always so I didn't think much.

As I was playfully riding my uncle's bicycle, I rode around the house and found Telon and her baby kitten. Or should I say, the body.

The baby kitten's dead.

Telon was waiting beside him/ her with sorrowful eyes

..(that earlier I thought it was just my imagination). I touched her and it was plain stiff and numb.

I don't know how the whole thing happened, but until now she's still there, waiting beside her baby kitten. As I told nenek, she cried.

There's a lot more to tell, but let me keep it in head for now. Bye :'(

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