09 February 2013


Miscommunication sometimes cause confusion and sometimes brings laughter.

But the incident that happened yesterday (Friday, February 8th 2012) cause both.

I was at the JPJ test waiting area, and there were four of us waiting (we sit together). We were dead tired and sleepy, until one of us, 93-er like me stated:

03, 14, 16, tiga-tiga kosong.

It means, the test car number 03, 14, and 16 were not used yet.

But all the others heard was a plain number

3 14 16 3 3 0

And we were like, huh???!

The story went a looooong way until we all burst into laughters and then fell back to sleepy and membebel mengarut mode.

The end.

p/s: don't ask whether I lulus or kandas. LOL


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