13 April 2013

How to combat frizziness

When I was like 10-13 years old my hair was gold gorgeous and shiny (not gold in color I remind you lol) but then it went downstraight uggg-ly, frizziness oiliness, at some point - dryness, list them up, I had them all.

Now that I'm turning 20 (just an excuse keh keh keh) I am taking my hair seriously
: |  ← this is my serious face

 Yeah make that annoying sad face

But fret no more, there are solutions to not to have electric hair like that anymore. I searched up for some tips on how to combat frizziness, I googled it, yahoo-ed it, made simple step by step notes out of it and - this is it. Read on:

  • combing before shampooing

  • shampoo every other day, conditioner every day

  • wide-toothed comb while hair is wet

  • never rub your dry with towel, just wrap it (or use old t-shirt)

  • use anti-frizz serum (or extra use of leave in conditioner if needed)

  • if oily, throw talcum powder

it will only make your frizzzzzzzier!  

comb your hair with conditioner applied to the comb

braid or bun your hair before you go to sleep (or you can braid it after you wash your hair)

Some essential items you might wanna add up to your hair care list:

  1. olive oil
  2. anti-frizz serum
  3. wide-toothed comb 
  4. extra bottle of conditioner (logic because you gonna use it up every single day) 

You may wanna know the reasons behind those tips, yes you can, just google it up lor hahaha. It is pretty useful too if you know why frizziness happens ;)
That's all. Wanna find other tips about college life (ehem, it's good, really - and very sarcastic tips sometimes haha) just roll on to http://community.sparknotes.com. Have a good day everyone!

XOXO - lol diva sangat kau Zah 

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